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Hainan Handi Sunshine Petrochemical Co., Ltd was registered and established in Yangpu Economic and Development Zone, Hainan Province in April 2006. HDS plans a 1.8 million MT/year Specialty Oil Products Project, a 150,000 MT/year Pharmaceutical and Food Grade White Oils Project and a 500,000 MT/year Lubricant Blending Project. The running lubricant base oil project that has the facilities
of Hydroisomerization and Hydrofinishing Unit, Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Unit, which has an annual productive capacity of 300,000 MT, and common auxiliary facilities of a capacity of 120,000 m³ tank farm, dock ,truck loading system, fire protection system, environmental protection facilities and so on.

HDS mainly produces Group II and Group III Base Oils, Insulating Oils, Industrial Grade White Oils, Cosmetic Grade White Oils and other types of products. All the products are colorless, odorless, transparent, and they all have characteristics of high oxidation stability,good viscosity-temperature, low aromatic content, low volatility and low pour point. The specifications of the products are competitive
both domestically and internationally.

HDS uses premium high-pressure shape-selective hydroisomerization and hydrofinishing technique; safe and environmental, low energy consumed, high efficient production technology and advanced distributed control system (DCS), and emergency shutdown system (ESD) that guarantee both the production safety and products quality. All the products passed the ISO9000 Quality Management System Certification, they are not only sold in China, but also overseas.

Locating in Yangpu, facing to the world, HDS is obedient to the enterprise tenet of “Developing Sustainably, Serving the Motherland,Repaying the Society, Benefiting Employees.”, HDS carries on the work style of “Developing and Creating, Efficiency and Preciseness.”,and insists on the business philosophy of “ Abiding to Law, Creating of Value.”. With the supports from the domestic and international customers, HDS will achieve the strategic target of “Be Stable, Be Fine, Be Great, Be Strong.”

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