Handi Group expands Hainan Business Scope by thinking of set up headquarters economy

Mr. Wu Hanling, president of the board of Handi Group attended the signing & start-working ceremony of Hainan pilot free trade zone 2nd phase construction projection.

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Mr. Liu Cigui, the Secretary of a provincial Party Committee had made an announcement at the site of ceremony. Mr. Shen Xiaoming, the provincial governor had delivered a speech. Mr. Wu was invited to the signing & start-working ceremony of Hainan pilot free trade zone 2nd phase construction projection which was held on Dec 28th .

Base on the strategy positioning of requirements of entirely deepen reform and opening-up pilot zone, national ecological civilization pilot zone, and international tourist consumption center, national significant strategy service assurance zone, Haikou will put forth effort to develop headquarters economy project, help to enlarge Hainan pilot free trade zone gross volume, elevate industrial level and core competence.

In the witness of Hainan provincial government main leaders, Handi Group has signed the headquarters economy project strategic cooperation agreement with Haikou government. Handi Group will combined development orientations and based on actual management condition to set up subsidiary in Haikou for seizes the chances of Hainan’s new developing opportunities, which has functions including Financial Settlement Center, Material Supply Center, Petrochemical Global Marketing Center, Global Logistics Center, International Business Management Center, Achievement Exhibition Center, New Material R&D center, Group Staff Training Center, International Exchange Center, etc.


Signing Scene of Handi Group with Haikou government


In the future, Handi Group will deeply participates in constructing of Hainan pilot free trade zone and Chinese characteristics free trade port by thinking of set up headquarters economy, continue to expand Hainan business scope, make a contribution to Hainan build up Three Zone & One Center.

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