Handi Petrochemical Company signed Product Loading Agreement with Vopak

Handi Petrochemical Co., Ltd (“HDP”) was holding the grand signing ceremony for signed Product Loading Agreement with Vopak SDIC Terminal Yangpu Co., Ltd (“Vopak & SDIC”) at Ritz-Carlton in Jan 30th.  

Mr. Hu Fangling, Handi Group Vice-President, signed the Product Loading Agreement with Mr. Pei Jianwen, General Manager of Vopak & SDIC.

Mr. Wu Hanling, President of the Handi Group Board, Mr. Zhou Changsong, President of Vopak & SDIC and Mr. Wangwei Vice-President of Vopak were present and witness.

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Mr. Wu Hanling met Mr. Zhou Changsong, and Mr. Wangwei before the ceremony and discussed more cooperation opportunities in the future.


Both parties were making speech respectively at the ceremony. After all the difficult and long-run negotiations Mr Wu expressed his satisfaction and thankfulness for the support of Vopak & SDIC, he demands the HDP crew working tightly with Vopak & SDIC team as first signed industrial client, also he firmly believes in both parties’ efforts will achieve complete success. Mr. Zhou Changsong said, Vopak & SDIC team will offer the best services for HDP in order to return their trust, and work hard for making HDP loading project into the model management.


HDP and Vopak & SDIC had signed the official cooperation agreement for products loading output channel by the witness of both parties, HDP will transports 1 million tons base oil to mainland China and overseas through Vopak & SDIC terminal, it is a big step for successfully completion of HDP’s 1.5 million MT/A specialty oil and 150,000 MT/A pharmaceutical & food grated white oil project.

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